We Decided to Get an Apartment Together

My friend and I realized how silly we were not long ago. We met a couple of years ago when we both had our own apartments. We hit it off so well, and we became instant best friends. Since our apartments are nearly 20 minutes from one another, it was nothing to see me at her apartment or her at mine. We would spend the night a lot since we would stay up late. One night while we were talking, we realized we should look for two bedroom apartments in Henderson Nevada so we could just become roommates.

We knew that eventually, we would end up finding the men we wanted to marry. We weren’t planning on living together forever, but it did make sense for us to share expenses since we were at each other’s places so much anyway. We would end up saving money since we would not be doubling the rent either of us were paying by getting a two bedroom apartment. If anything, it would only be a couple hundred more a month if that. Also, we would be saving on the bills we were paying double on, like utilities and cable.

Once we determined that we wanted to live together, it did not take us long to find the apartment complex we wanted to live in. This one has a lot that neither of ours before had, like a really nice swimming pool as well a a fitness center that has all of the equipment that will help keep us honest with our diets. The apartment is really nice too, and it feels so good to just come home, kick off my shoes, and have dinner with the person who means the most to me in the world right now. That will change one day, but I am content with how things are right now.

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