The Most Convenient Apartment Around

Most decisions in life can be reduced to how much convenience they provide. People buy food based on how easy it is to cook the food. They buy furniture because it’s easier to buy it rather than male it themselves. Even among that bought furniture, people usually choose items that are pre-assembled. This also hold true for apartments. When I selected the Alamo Heights apartments as a living place, I did so because of convenience. I was looking for an apartment that would be the closest to where I had to work and where my college courses were held, so I went with it.

There were a lot of other choices I could have made for an apartment, but I felt this one was the best one because of convenience alone. It was pure coincidence that the apartment happened to have better amenities than all of the other choices in the area, and also had one of the best things: a pool for swimming. This can also count as another form of convenience. There is a swimming pool on the college campus near my apartment, but I would have to go into campus each time for a swim. Since there is a pool at the apartment, all I have to do is just put on my swimming trunks and head downstairs for a swim.

I’ve got a couple of semesters left in college before I’ll be done with it, so I plan to be staying in the apartments for quite a while. Even after college is over, I may still be living in the apartments for a while. There’s something about this city that I really like. It has quite a charm and the people are quite nice. Most of the great people I know I’ve met at the apartment and at the campus.

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