The Cold Came Unexpectedly in Spring

An unexpected cold front came through in the middle of spring, causing everyone to turn on their heaters to keep warm. This kind of weather phenomenon doesn’t happen very often, which is why people don’t really prepare for it. Lots of people were covering their plants to make sure that the cold front didn’t wipe them out. I couldn’t turn on my heater because something was wrong with it. I had to get repairs from HVAC services in Manhattan, NY before I could have heat flowing through my vents again. Luckily the cold front didn’t last very long.

After the cold front, things went back to the way they normally are in the spring. The birds were flying around, the flowers were opening up, and the insects were buzzing around. If there’s anything on this planet that I truly hate, it’s insects. They always find some kind of way to annoy me. The ants keep making hills in my lawn and whenever I spray them, they just move from one location to the next. The wasps keep trying to start nests on parts of my home, and when they’re not doing that, they’re buzzing around me. I would love to start a garden of my own, but I’m afraid that the insects would eat all of my crops and leave me with nothing but chewed leaves and debris.

I can’t wait until winter arrives again, because that’s when all of the insects are hiding from the cold. I can go outside and the only thing I have to worry about is freezing to death. Sometimes the insects try to sneak inside my home, but they don’t make it very far. I have a vacuum cleaner on standby, waiting to suck them up and send them around the canister for a few cycles.

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