Convenient Beach Living in Massachusetts!

When you think of living right next to the ocean where you have property right there at a really nice beach, where is it located? I have to admit that most people think of a southern state. However, you do not have to live in a part of the country that does not have the seasons you like just to be close to the beach. We live in one of the nicest Revere apartments up in the state of Massachusetts. We are only a few minutes outside of Boston in a really nice area. We just hop on over to the beach pretty much every opportunity we get in the summer. We take early morning and late evening walks in the sand and enjoy the sounds of the surf all up here in the northern part of the States.

We like being able to commute to our work in Boston in less time than some people who live in the city need to get to work using public transportation. It takes me about 25 minutes to get to the office on a workday. The same goes for my trip back home in the evening. My wife sometimes faces some rush hour traffic, and her commute can be about 40 minutes on some days. Still, that is not bad for being able to live at the beach and work in the city.

We have big windows, a private balcony, walk-in closets, and ceilings that go up to 11 feet! We have quartz countertops and a washer and dryer provided right in the apartment. The place is really nice. When we do want to travel without driving, we just walk over to the “T” station and can go anywhere. I do not even have to take my car to get to Logan airport. That is convenient and saves on parking fees. This is the most convenient place we have ever lived, and we get to enjoy all of the wonderful seasons.

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